Why Do Dogs Like Period Blood? Is It Taste, Smell, Or?

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There’s something about period blood that seems to drive dogs wild. They can’t get enough of it. However, what is it about menstrual blood that dogs find so appealing?

Dogs like period blood because they are naturally attracted to its scent. Menstrual blood has a powerful and metal-like scent that is hard for dogs to resist. Dogs may also equate the smell of blood with food or reproduction. 

In this post, I’ll explore all the possible explanations for why dogs like period blood and offer some advice on what to do if your dog is fascinated with your period blood. So, let’s get down to the facts and talk about it!

Reasons Why Dogs Are Attracted to Period Blood

Dogs are attracted to period blood for many reasons. So, let’s look at why your pup might be rooting in the garbage can for your used period products and sniffing at your crotch. 

Dogs Instinctively Follow the Scent of Blood to Find Prey

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Dogs are naturally attracted to blood. It could be the taste, the smell, or some other factor, but they seem to love it.

When they smell menstrual blood, their instinct is to track it down. That is because, in the wild, blood often signifies a wounded animal. A wounded animal is an easy meal for a dog out in the wild, so they will follow the scent of blood to find food. 

While most dogs won’t go to such extremes to get a taste of period blood, the instinct is still there. That explains why your dog may become fixated on your menstrual blood and why they may try to lick it off your body.

Dogs’ Noses Are Excellent at Detecting Blood

Dogs have a keen sense of smell and can detect the slightest hint of blood in the air. Period blood has a robust and metal-like scent that is hard for dogs to resist.

That is because menstrual blood contains iron. Iron has a metallic, pungent odor that makes it challenging to hide from a dog’s sensitive nose. 

Dogs will often sniff around women’s crotches as they can smell the iron in the menstrual blood and are trying to figure out where it’s coming from.

That’s why dogs are often used in search and rescue missions, as they can follow the scent of blood to locate injured people.

Period Blood Contains Pheromones

When it comes to period blood, it’s not just the taste or smell that dogs are attracted to—it’s the pheromones. Pheromones are hormones released by the body to communicate with others and play a significant role in sexual attraction.

Female dogs release pheromones when they are in heat. These hormones signal to male dogs that they are ready to mate.

Menstrual blood also contains pheromones, and they can smell these hormones, which drives them wild!

Dogs Are Scavengers

Dogs are scavengers by nature, and the smell of menstrual blood is powerful and intense. They can readily locate it from a distance, even if it’s hidden from view.

There have been cases of dogs scavenging sanitary napkins and tampons from trash cans. That is because they can smell the blood even through the packaging.

Hungry dogs will eat just about anything, and that includes period blood. If your dog is intent on your menstrual blood, it could be because they’re hungry and looking for something to eat.

So, if you’ve noticed that your dog is losing weight or seems to be ravenous, they might see your period blood as a snack. 

Moreover, in the wild, dogs often eat the organs and entrails of their prey which are rich in blood. So, the taste of blood is quite natural for them.

Dogs Are Curious

Dogs are curious creatures and might taste menstrual blood simply out of curiosity. If you’ve ever caught your dog licking your menstrual blood, they were likely just curious about what it tasted like and wanted to understand what it was. 

After all, domesticated dogs have come a long way from the wild dogs that hunted prey and primarily ate raw meat. 

It Could Be a Combination of Many Factors

The reason why dogs are attracted to menstrual blood is likely a combination of the many factors listed above. It could be the taste, smell, or pheromones in menstrual blood.

Otherwise, they could be curious creatures who want to explore everything. Just like us, every dog is different and has its unique preferences.

Should I Worry About My Dog’s Fascination With My Period?

You should not worry about your dog’s fascination with your period. It’s perfectly natural for dogs to be attracted to the smell and taste of menstrual blood, and most pet parents experience it regularly. 

However, if you’re concerned about your dog’s health, it’s always a good idea to speak to your vet. They can check to ensure that your dog gets all the necessary nutrients and that they’re not suffering from any medical conditions.

What To Do if Your Dog Is Fascinated With Your Period Blood

The thought of your dog eating your period blood can be pretty icky. The idea disgusts many women, and some even feel violated. It is perfectly normal, and there’s no need to worry.

If you’re not comfortable with your dog licking your menstrual blood, there are a few things you can do to stop them:

  • Take out your trash after each use. Taking out your trash will prevent your dog from getting into it and eating your used sanitary products.
  • Keep your sanitary products out of reach. If your dog can’t reach your tampons or pads, they won’t be able to eat them.
  • Keep your dog on a leash. Restraining your pup will prevent your dog from gorging on your menstrual blood if you happen to bleed through your clothing or if someone else does. 
  • If you catch your dog trying to eat your menstrual blood, tell them not to do so and take the blood away. Calmly taking the blood or product away will teach your dog that they should not be eating it. What’s important is that you remain calm and avoid scolding them. 
  • Redirect their attention. If you see your dog trying to lick your menstrual blood, redirect the dog’s attention with a toy or a game of fetch. Dogs are easily distracted, so this should be enough to get them to stop.
  • Close the bathroom and bedroom doors. Limiting their access to your menstrual blood will help to stop them from trying to eat it.

Remember that some of these methods will work better than others, depending on your dog’s personality. You might need to try a few different things before you find something that works for you and your dog.

In addition, if you spend time around others, you might want to take some measures to prevent an “accident.” Leashing your dog in public is an excellent way to keep them from sniffing at strangers. 


While it might be gross to think about, there’s no need to worry about your dog’s fascination with your menstrual blood. It’s perfectly natural for dogs since blood is usually a sign of food or a female in heat in the wild. 

To stop them from eating your menstrual blood, you can take out your trash after each use, keep your sanitary products out of reach, or limit their access to your bedroom and bathroom. 

Most importantly, remain calm and avoid scolding your dog. Dogs are just curious creatures, and they’re not trying to gross you out.

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