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Man’s best friend is a dog; your dog will protect you, your family, and your house, and in return, you protect and provide for him. You give him food, shelter and of course training. One of the more popular training methods is by using an electronic dog collar.

What is it used for?

Electronic dog collars have multiple uses; it helps to educate and correct your dog’s misbehavior. Train it to obey a specific way (even when not on a leash). And most importantly, warn your dog of dangers by sending signals, mainly electronic shocks; don’t worry, these shocks are very brief. They have a low voltage and does not hurt your dog in any way.

The intensity of the shock can be changed depending on the kind of dog and depending on what purpose you’ll be using the collar. If it’s to protect your dog from crossing the perimeter of your property, then you might have it at a higher setting than if you’re trying to train your dog.

Eventually, your dog would learn to avoid crossing the perimeter or doing the misbehavior that resulted in an unpleasant shock. At this point, the collar would no longer be necessary even though modern-day dog collars aren’t as harsh as the old school ones (old school dog collars had only three settings, high, very high, or too high voltage). Some people may still be hesitant and would prefer an alternative, well they can purchase a collar that sends mere warning signals.

Studies have shown that specific misbehavior in dogs is pretty standard – barking at the mailman, jumping on someone visiting, digging holes in the backyard, and even running after jogger minding his own business. These behaviors can be invading or troublesome; they can eventually cause accidents, damage to property, or in the worst cases, they can cause harm to other people, animals, or to the dog himself.

This is precisely why electronic dog collars were invented and developed. To help and prevent these problems from occurring, and they are especially useful if used on young dogs. Even though the electric impulses might appear as being painful, they help to prevent a much worse alternative, and they allow the dog owner to educate the dog without having to yell or chase the dog continually.

How to correctly use an electronic collar

To successfully use an electric collar, you’ll need to first adjust it to the feel of it around the neck of your dog and then make sure to always have the transmitter on you, as it is a powerful device (you don’t want it to end up in a child’s hands).

Use the lowest possible setting; it’s only if your dog doesn’t seem to react to that shock level, that you can increase it a bit. If your dog begins to panic or starts crying, decrease the intensity level.

If your dog is demonstrating aggressive behavior, like biting or showing his teeth, do not use the electronic collar. These kinds of practices are better suited for a professional trainer to handle. You shouldn’t use it arbitrarily, or as a way to demonstrate how it works. Only use it when you want to deliver a command to your dog.

Furthermore, you should always train your dog in places he is familiar with, they shouldn’t last longer than 10 to 15 minutes, and they should be positive training sessions. Any good behavior should be rewarded with either some belly rubs or a sweet treat.

Little side note

Don’t overuse the electronic collar, that’s animal abuse, a crime that can land you in prison, use it only when necessary.

Remember, a dog is a man’s best friend.

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