Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet

yes! you can do it! It’s not difficult, it requires a bit of trial and error but the end result is great. Think about it, you won’t have to worry about changing and cleaning the litter-box anymore…. And around it, you know your cat can get a bit furious sometimes after using it. that’s money saved right there and less work for you. Win-win situation right?

Well not exactly, it requires dedication and you need to understand that your cat will miss occasionally in the beginning, so open your eyes in the morning or you might just start the day on the wrong foot, literally. You’ll also need to get rid of some habits such as closing the toilet lid, cause you know your cat can’t lift that up.

It is recommended to attach a little note above the toilet to not close the lid so eventual guests won’t close it unknowingly.

It is recommended to have 2 toilets in your house, one purely for your cats at least until the training is over.

You’ll need to buy a Cat training kit in order for this to work, they can be found on Amazon not really expensive.

Step 1

Take your cats litter-box and place it next to the toilet you wish to have your cat using, introduce him to him.

Leave the door open at all times to the toilet, let the litter-box stay next to the toilet for about a week until he figured out where to go.

Now at this point you’ll need to gradually bring the litter-box up the the toilet seats level, you might want to use a stool or any other kind of support that can support the weight. Leave the lid on the toilet closed at all times during this part, your cat will start to jump on top of the toilet before getting inside the litter-box.

Do not forget to tell your cat that he is a good cat after a successful mission.

Step 2

At this point your cat is used to jump on to the toilet then go from there to his litter-box. Now it’s time to get rid of the litter-box and replace it with the Cat toilet training kit.

Place the kit inside your toilet, put some flushable litter in there, you should expect spillovers.

Now gradually remove the center part of the litter-box and continue to make the whole bigger and bigger over the next couple of weeks.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t do it too quickly or your cat will give up and do it on the floor, take your time with every step.

Step 3 

Now only one level left the outer circle, remove it.

on the first couple days i sprinkled a little bit of litter all over the seat so my cat didn’t get too confused when jumping up on his new throne.

Your cat should at this point be able to go all by himself and do his business in the toilet congratulations.

Common Questions

Should I train my cat only at a young age?

Some people worry that you can only train them whilst young, that’s incorrect. one of my cats were one year old when i started the training the other one six months they both succeeded. Actually I think it’s better to train them when they already are grown up and are able to make more accurate jumps and less clumsy movements, you don’t want him falling in the toilet after all.

Can he also flush after himself?

Probably, however I’ve tried and failed to teach them that much. But maybe my cats were just very Eco friendly.

If I move will I have to train my cat to use the toilet again?

Yes, to a certain extend. He will be confused and not know where to go. However this time just introduce him to the toilet and sprinkle a bit of litter around the seat, should do the trick.

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