Tool – Calculate Your Dog’s Age

Tool - Calculate Your Dogs Age

You can use this tool to calculate your dog’s age in human years, select size and age and let the calculator do the rest.

What does it mean to calculate your dog’s age?

To calculate a dog’s age means to find out how old your dog is in human years. We would usually calculate a dog’s age for a couple of different reasons; It can give us a clear picture as to what phase of life your dog is standing. A 2-year-old dog is still very young, but two dog years are about 22 human years. Just like 22 years olds, a 2-year-old dog shouldn’t be treated like a baby/puppy anymore. The same thing goes for when your dog reaches the age of 8 or 9; it should be treated as a senior at that point.

How does it work?

There is an old rule of thumb; one dog year equals seven human years. That used to work fine; if your dog is already past the first few years, the age increase is more stable at that stage of life. Nowadays, however, there’s a more precise and accurate way of calculating your dog’s age. A bit more complicated, certainly, but that’s why we have this calculator.
See It’s no secret that a small-sized dog lives, in general, longer than a large-sized dog, it’s sad, but that’s how it is. So it’s only reasonable that we would convert the age differently depending on the size of the dog. During its first couple of years, a dog will mature at a much faster pace than later on in life. You can almost see your puppy grow into an adult dog right in front of your eyes. Good thing we don’t need to buy dog clothes, we would have to change their wardrobe every week.

So How do you calculate your dog’s age?

There are different rules for different sized dogs. A dog lives on average 12 years; some breeds live only for about nine years, while others live for nearly 16 years.
The first year of a dog life is the year that it will grow the most, and therefore the first year is equal to an average of 15 human years.
The second-year is considered to be equal to 9 human years, that’ll make your dog 22 years old.
In the third year and from then on, each year would be counted as four human years.
In perspective, it is a way of telling us that life is precious and that our beloved furry four-legged friends aren’t staying with us as long as we want them to. It can remind us that we only have them for a limited amount of time, and we should do everything we can to make that little time count as much as possible.
R.I.P  Tikva The goodest dog in the world.

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