Toilet Training for Your Dog

Toilet Training for Your Dog

To avoid any potential confusion; No, this isn’t about how to train your dog to use a little potty, but rather it’s about house training. Making sure your dog always knows to go outside when they need to do their business. Toilet training your dog can take time and is best to do while they are puppies but can still be done at an adult age.

Newspaper Method

We’ll start with the easiest method to toilet train your dog, using a newspaper.

Perhaps one of the most significant dogs behavior issues is that they excuse themselves inside the house because they don’t know better, you can walk them outside for hours, and yet they’ll still wait till they are back inside the house to finally do their business. Most frequently, it’s also when you can’t see them. This happens, not because your dog likes his privacy too, but rather because it’s very often that dog owners tend to punish their dogs for going to the toilet inside the house. As a result, your dog will start hiding instead of doing his business with you by his side, thus why he doesn’t want to do it when you take him outside.

However, your dog does need to be caught in the act, but unlike what many people suggest, you don’t need to rub his nose in it. Your dog needs to learn to trust you, not to fear you; otherwise, he will never learn.

The first obstacle

The first obstacle in toilet training your dog is to teach him how to go on command; you might prefer to show him this inside the house, that’s fine, you can work your way out from there. Pick an area inside the house, maybe your laundry room or similar, place newspaper all over the floor, and every hour or so bring your dog inside that room and tell him to do his business, or whatever you want the command to be, you can be creative here. Sooner or later, he will eventually do his business, but you have to keep a close eye on him, catch him before he does it and bring him to the newspaper room, tell him your command, then praise or reward him for doing it on the newspaper.

This type of training does, however, require a lot of free time and a very vigilant dog owner. When he eventually starts to learn to go on command, try to take him outside instead of the newspaper room, he should soon learn that he should do it outside.

Additional Benefits

There are other problems that toilet training your dog can solve, such as submissive urinating can be a big issue. Often with some dogs, when they meet someone they like or even another dog, they can get a little too excited and have a little accident on the floor. Naturally, this isn’t great for the person your dog is happy to see and a bit embarrassing for you. By getting your dog used to only do his business after hearing your command word would help with that.

But with a lot of hard spend time, efforts, and vigilance, you can teach your dog anything you want; toilet training him is just one of many steps and accomplishments in your and your dog’s life. When he does his business outside and not inside, make sure he gets a lot of rubs and some “good boys” (or Goodgirl if it’s a girl), the more he knows it makes you happy, the more likely he is to do it.

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