Dog breed Repertory

Dog breed repertory

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, literally. If nobody had told us, we would never have believed that dogs like the Chihuahua and the Shiba Inu were related. The appearance and the characteristics of both dogs are just so far apart. Perhaps that’s also part of why we all love them so much; we …

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Dog Grooming

Perfect Grooming For Your Dog

A Perfect Way to Groom Your Dog One of the most memorable moments with your dog is when you spend time making him or her look pretty. While some dogs require almost no attention when it comes to grooming, other dogs, such as puddles needs to have it done regularly. For some people this might …

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Toilet Training for Your Dog

Toilet Training for Your Dog

To avoid any potential confusion; No, this isn’t about how to train your dog to use a little potty, but rather it’s about house training. Making sure your dog always knows to go outside when they need to do their business. Toilet training your dog can take time and is best to do while they …

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