Dog Training Tips: Easy ways to lead your pack

Dog training tips

Who’s running the show are your house? You the cat or your dog? Sometimes there seems to be a lot of confusion for all parties there, if it’s not you then it might be your precious dog and his behavior might be far from acceptable. In this article we will go over some easy to learn and easy to practice dog training tips that we think just might help you regain the upper hand and become the leader of the pack once again. Bad doggo!

This article is the first one in a 3 part series, that focuses on changing your dog’s behavior by only using positive dog training methods.

Be the leader you dog wants to follow.

You might wonder here, what does he mean by that?

Simply put, if you’re leading the pack your dog will be right by your side wherever you might go. It’s easy to do only a few basic behaviors and adjustments in the daily routine needs to be done. These simple tricks can go a long way and change your dog’s behavior for the better. Simply put your dog’s behavior is a reflection of you.

Your dog will be reacting to you. By taking a bit of time to teach your dog appropriate behavior and constantly reinforcing it, eventually your dog will work hard on pleasing you and ultimately become the goodest of the good boys. This is where these useful positive training methods come in, here are the basics.

Dogs are much like wolves, pack animals and that means that they will count on you, their leader, to guide them and tell them what is good or bad.

If the leader is not you, then no matter how cute, fluffy, big or small your dog might be, he will eventually step up as the leader.

He will not only act as your leader but also the leader of your other pets, your spouse, your kids or anything else that has more than 2 legs. As you can imagine that’s not the ideal situation, nobody likes to play fetch all day long.

Hulk the dog

Meet Hulk, Hulk is a very cute little dog he lives amongst the family of four, The Johnsons.

Hulk runs the show here, naturally Hulk didn’t want to become the leader, but none of his humans stepped up and took the initiative so Hulk had to.

Hulks “pack” consists of Dad, Mum daughter and son.

Being the leader comes with a lot of responsibilities, keeping track of your pack, teaching and enforcing the rules. Naturally Hulk made up these rules himself, but enforcing them is a 24/7 job. He definitely succeeded in keeping his family away from his food bowl and his toys. If someone were to accidentally get too close to what hulk considered his then he would growl and snap at them. Same treatment goes for anybody disturbing him while napping regardless of wherever that might be, certain pieces of furniture were his and nobody was allowed to use them and Hulk was deciding who got to enter the house.

The young boy became Hulks playmate, that Hulk would nip on or Jump on frequently the rest of the Johnsons became his caretakers.

Hulk always made sure that any infraction of these made up rules were quickly and severely dealt with.

If Hulks dictatorship is something you are experiencing, this post is for you we got some gentle and positive dog training tips that will help you to regain the leadership role.

Introduce these simple steps into your dogs life and witness your dog’s behavior change little by little with each of these steps ultimately regaining the leader role.

First step. Show me your tummy!

Innocent and positive experience to teach your dog to roll over and receive a few tummy rubs. This is a submissive posture for your dog and it indicates a deferment to your leadership.

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