Do Cats Love Their Owners?

Do Cats Love Their Owners?

Sometimes you wonder, right? Do cats love their owners?

While many cat owners would reply with a loud “Of course” to this question, it’s only now that it’s been confirmed by a study.

Yes, cats feel attached to their handlers, just like children and dogs do.

There Are Many Myths Surrounding Cats

One of them is that a cat gets attached to their home, not their owners.

This has caused many an abandoned cat when his owners moved to another place.

People believe that cats can manage on their own. But if you take a look at the cats that live in your neighborhood, you’ll learn a different story.

They have illnesses, scratches, and they are in a constant fight to survive. They fight other cats, they have to drink water from poodles of water, they have to find their food in garbage containers… because catching a bird or a mouse when you’re exhausted. Forget about it.

Don’t leave your cat behind.

But How Can You Tell That Your Cat Loves You?

Cats are more subtle than dogs.

They won’t jump into your arms when you come back from work. Some cats don’t even move.

The cat I have now comes to greet me at the door. Then he goes back to his chair.

My cat doesn’t go outside. He’s been outside twice in his life. Both times, he was very scared.

The first time, he jumped out of the window, then sat next to the fence around the garden and waited for me to come and fetch him.

The second time, he got scared and ran upstairs in a five-store building. I couldn’t find him. I called him, but he was so scared that he didn’t come – or perhaps he didn’t hear me.

I thought I’d lost him. But the following day I went searching for him again. And there he was, one store up. He sat next to a flower pot and stared ahead of him with a lost look.

Then he spotted me, and his eyes lid up. He crawled over the floor and into my arms.

There was no doubt on my mind. He loved me.

But when the conditions aren’t that extreme, it can be hard to tell. You have to look for the small signs. Does your cat look comfortable when you’re around? Does he snob you if you’ve been gone for too long? Is he sometimes playful, sometimes calm and want you to pet him?

If you’re reading a book or trying to write on your computer, does he lie down over your hands or the book?

Then that’s a sign that your cat loves you.

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