Do Cats Get Cold?

Do Cats Get Cold?

Cats have fur so they can keep warm under conditions we human beings couldn’t. But yes, cats get cold, too.

If your cat is used to being outside most of the year, he’ll grow a thicker fur and be able to withstand the cold. But when it’s freezing outside, your cat is freezing too. And it can be life-threatening.

That said, some cats are more sensitive to cold than others.

We had a cat who adored heat. It could never get too hot outside for him. Even during a heatwave, he stayed in the sun. And whenever we had our heaters turned on, he would lie on them.

He loved it when we had a fire going in the fireplace and sat next to it. It was too hot for me even to be several arms-lengths away from it, but he enjoyed it.

For him, freezing was everything below 25 degrees Celcius (around 77 F) and at one time, he sat next to the fireplace and meowed at us in June to make us light it up.

We, coldly, refused.

But some cats, often with longer and thicker fur coats, like the cold and just like dogs enjoy playing in the snow.

Again, you should listen to your cat and his nature. Does he enjoy cold weather and thrive in it? Or does he prefer to stay inside next to the heater?

In the end of the day

Let him be the one to decide…  because cats do get cold.

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