Dental Care for your Cats

Dental Care for your Cats

Imagine yourself waking up in your bed, on a bright  shiny summer morning, your cat jumps on your bed to great you good morning. Amazing feeling right? True, but then among the purrs your cat lets out a little meow right in your face and suddenly you smell the ocean, more specifically you smell all the dead sea creatures laying in the bottom of the ocean. You wake up, sweating, it was all just a nightmare, well it could all be if you follow this guide on how to take care of your cats teeth.

Cleaning your cats teeth is very important. Cats also need their little sharp teeth to be taken care of because it can lead them to a lot of other problems concerning their general health otherwise. For instance, if your pet cat has periodontal problems, he or she might not eat well which could lead to other health problems down the road. You cat might make it a habit to swallow the food too fast because chewing it hurts him so he won’t digesting it quite as well or he might straight up refuse to eat dry food, that could lead to malnutrition and can be dangerous for your cat.

A little prevention

Most cats may potentially suffer from a wide range of dental conditions if they are not properly taken care of. That’s why it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that his or her cat follows a regimen of good dental hygiene. It may be hard work by times, but it will serve you and your pet cat well in the long run.

One of the problems that cats can experience with their teeth is plaque. Just like us, humans, cats also have tartar buildup in their own teeth also known as plaque.

This is due the many different types of food that cats eat with some of the substances potentially accumulating in their teeth that may further lead to this tartar buildup. If the accumulation of plaque continues extensively, it may lead to  problems with the gums and eventually the loss of the teeth’s of your cat. Not all cats have the same issues with plaque. Their seems to be some cats who are very prone to tartar buildup while others seems to do well even with little to none dental care. Some cats may require frequent teeth cleaning in order to remove the plaque build up from their teeth.

Source: Time to Brush Those Fangs by Lisa Zins under Creative Commons License

A bit about Plaque

Similar to humans, Plaque is a light yellow deposit that gradually develops on teeth. In cats, the plaque usually develops in the exterior part of the upper teeth. If left there to accumulate, plaque can cause gum problems in cats. This can be seen in dark red gum lines which can indicate that the plaque is already causing some irritation and discomfort. In order to prevent the an over build up of plaque in your pet cat’s teeth, an annual teeth cleaning may be a good idea. Veterinarians would usually put the cats under general anesthesia to have their teeth and gums cleaned.

But this service can be pricey. The next best thing would be to clean your cats teeth by yourself. It might take some getting used to and anesthesia isn’t an option when trying to clean your pet cat’s teeth at home. Naturally, cats usually dislike getting their teeth cleaned. In order to do this, you might need to wrap your cat like a burrito in a bath towel straitjacket as well as a helper. A child’s tooth brush would work well when cleaning your cat’s teeth, just don’t give it back to the child afterwards.

What are they feeding you?

Alternatively, You can also make use of some edible toothpaste available in most pet stores to make the task easier for you. Sometimes cats can get used to tooth brushing if done on a regular basis and delicate manner. Sometimes when you try to observe some cat dental care, you might find that your cat has a smelly breath. This can be due to by two things. It may occur when a young cat is teething. At around six months of age, cats start to lose their kitten teeth with the permanent ones replacing them. The awful smell coming from your cats teeth might be just a sign of teeth changing process. Eventually this should face away.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll always notice that your cats breath smells a bit fishy, even with the brightest teeth in the cat world. that’s normal nothing to be worried about but if the smell get too bad then you might need to pull out that toothbrush again.

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