Cat and Child, Can They Be Together?

Cat and Child, Can They Be Together?

Cats, you’ll learn to love them and, well, they learn to tolerate you. There’s no doubt, that it’s one of the highlights of your day when you come home from work, you sink down in the couch and your cat jump on your lap and greats you good evening. That’s a daily reminder as to why you adopted a cat.

Now from personal experience the earlier in life you’re introduced to cats in your house the more you get familiar with them and at some point you just can’t imagine your home without at least one cat running around inside. it just wouldn’t feel like home it would feel… Empty?

There’s so many benefits from having a cat at home, at least one. Cats can potentially help with depression they are there to make you feel loved when you’re sad they are fun to watch and do silly things quite often so definitely entertaining and as a little extra bonus they will get rid of all the mice in your garden… if they aren’t pussies.

With all these Benefits that cats provides to you, it only makes sense that it would be similar for a child. Maybe even better. Letting your child and your cat grow up together can result in a lot of determining factors in your child’s wellness. Your child would have a first hand experience in learning respect for animals, to learn how to treat them well and with affection.

Buying or adopting cats as gift-pets would really make your child happy. When doing this, you would be able to give your child something not temporary, a friend he can always play with and the best part is that your child won’t get tired of playing with your cat whilst growing up.

When you are looking for advise on how to bring out the best  relationship between your child and the pet, this article is very helpful.

* Show to your child the proper way on how  to handle a cat. Kids could be a bit too excited and maybe they will not be able to handle the cat very well. Your role is to teach him or her proper way of caring for the cat. Whilst doing this, you would not only teach him or her concern for animals but also far beyond.

* Be by his or her side, especially if it is your child’s first time getting a pet. Explain to your child why a new pet acts so unfriendly so that he or she would understand and learn to earn the animals trust.

* Tell your child some cat facts. This could make your child understand what is important to know about cats; this would ultimately let their care for their pets become better.

* Do not encourage your child to have rough play with the cats, stop them if it gets too aggressive. This could be entailing risk. Cats may find them hostile; it may use its paws or bite, that may hurt your child. Alternatively the child could hurt the cat. Invest in some cat toys, get a few more than you think he might need, cats like to loose their toys everywhere in the house.

* Let your child understand what’s the importance of  napping is and how he could help by giving this to his pet, by leaving the cat alone when sleeping.

* Remind your child the importance of  letting the cats stay inside homes, and be careful if letting the pet outside. To keep their pets safe, it important that your child learns how to protect the cat from any untoward incident.

Bottom line, yes it can be highly beneficial for both your child and your cat to grown up together, it will be a great learning experience for your child and could make him a better person overall also your cat will never get bored.

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