Can I Feed My Cat Chocolate Ice Cream?

Can I Feed My Cat Chocolate Ice Cream?

One of most peoples favorite treat is Ice-Cream, it doesn’t matter whats your age or gender. Ice-Cream is always there for you.

You find yourself eating it when you’re celebrating a birthday, when you’re watching a movie, when you’re sad and at many other occasions…

Most popular ice cream flavor is undoubtedly Chocolate, so it’s no wonder that your little furry devil jumped on your legs and meowed right in your chocolate covered face.

He wants Ice-Cream, he made that clear. You want to feed him Ice-Cream but you don’t know if you should.

Well here’s some bad news for your cat, Ice-cream is mainly made of milk products and contrary to popular beliefs cats shouldn’t drink cow milk it’s not good for them they can get diarrhea.

Secondly chocolate, cats cant eat chocolate it’s also bad for them, it’s actually toxic and can in some rare cases kill your cat. However only a very small amount of cocoa is present inside the ice cream the rest is artificial sweeteners and flavors so there’s really no big risk here.

Overall it is OK for your cat to eat a little bit of chocolate ice-cream it shouldn’t hurt him but do not overdo it, If you’re having a hard time saying no to him when he comes begging you for more ice-cream you should read my article about how to say no to your cat.

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